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Thanks for being a part of Flipped Lifestyle Community. We’re sorry to see you go.

To cancel, click here to review the Flipped Lifestyle Cancellation Policy you agreed to at the time of purchase, then fill out the form below.

Why can't you just quit in one click? 

It's really important to use that you know what you're giving up! The opportunity to change your family's future. We also want to make sure we process your cancellation properly and give you the opportunity to share with us where we can improve!

Note: When you submit this form, you will be unable to access your account. While your membership should immediately cancel, there is the possibility that something is not triggered properly, so we manually check each cancellation to verify this. Our team will handle the requests in the order they’re received (within 48 hours of receipt).

If you want to remain a member until your next billing date, it’s your responsibility to submit this form at that time, or contact support to make arrangements after completing this form. 

Please note – the form below is for Flipped Lifestyle Community Membership cancellation only.  Do NOT use for packages purchased at in-person events.

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I have reviewed and I understand the Cancellation Policy I agreed to at the time of purchase.

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Due to system limitations, we are not able to cancel memberships weeks or months in the future. If you want to retain access until your bill date, we recommend putting a reminder in your calendar or phone and returning to fill out this form at least 48 hours prior to that time.


I understand that I will not be able to log into the community once this form has been processed.

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I understand that by cancelling my Flipped Lifestyle Community membership I am forfeiting current membership pricing should I choose to return at a later date.


Yes, I understand.

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What I loved (and will miss) most about this membership is:

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My main reason for cancelling is...

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If I were to grade myself on the amount of effort I put into working through the Blueprint and taking action, I would give myself a(n):


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