Are you sure you want to give up now?

“It is the choices we make at the forks in the road
that determine the shape of our life”

We are so sad you want to leave the Flipped LifestyleTM Community.

Before you go, we encourage you to reconsider.

So many people quit too soon, and give up on their online business when success is just around the corner!

We don’t want YOU to be one of those people.

We understand that online business can be challenging, even frustrating sometimes.

Click here if you want to keep moving forward building your online business and need help!

Feel like throwing in the towel? We have been there!

When we started out Anna Jo was a baby and Isaac, an energetic toddler. Finding time was tough, but we did it and so can you!

"I just don't have time for this..."

When we started out, a number of challenges nearly derailed our online dreams.

We worked full time jobs, had two small children, and led a Sunday School group.

On top of all that, Jocelyn ran a school library program for over 300 students, and Shane coached football every evening.

Seventy hour work weeks were the norm, and we were always tired.

We often thought “Do we have time to start and grow our own business?"

But we used that as motivation, took control of our time, and made our online business a priority!

NOT QUITTING was the most important early decision we made. 

We just kept fighting for our dreams.

Even when learning new technology was tough.

Even when our website messed up.

Even when life got in the way, or our content plan broke down.

We stuck with it, and were able to replace our entire salary with our online business!

NOW we have more time than we ever imagined.

We work from home, we set our schedule, and work less than ever before.

If we had quit, we might not be where we are today!

If you are having trouble managing your priority list, or finding time for your online business, we have resources to help you get back on track.

You are not alone.  We can help!

Click here to jump back into the community forums and share where you're stuck and get encouragement from hundreds of other like minded, family-focused entrepreneurs.

“I just can’t spend the money right now…”

We totally feel your pain.

When we started our online business, we were both school teachers in a small town in rural Southeast Kentucky.

We were living paycheck-to-paycheck.

By the end of the month after the mortgage, the groceries, gas for the cars and all the other bills we had VERY little left to spend on our business.

We almost gave up because we didn’t think we had the money to grow.

Then we realized two LIFE CHANGING principles:

  • The way we spend our time & money is our TRUE priority list in life!
  • We don’t SPEND money on our business, we INVEST money in our business to BUILD a better future!

We looked at our budget.

Did we REALLY need to be spending money on Cable TV?  Was that a good use of our time?

Was that REALLY a good use of time or money?

NO.  It was not.

So we cancelled Cable, and saved over $100 a month to invest in our business.

That $100 a month helped us grow our business to a point we could QUIT OUR JOBS in just 13 months!

Did we REALLY need to live in such a big house?  How was that helping us?

So we SOLD OUR HOUSE and downsized into one that was smaller, but HALF THE MORTGAGE.

That freed up almost $600 a month to invest in our online business.

We said to ourselves “When our online business takes off, we will buy the house of our dreams!”

We were saving for a new car, which we could put money down on and pay a payment.

But we decided to use that money in the business…when we were making more, we’d buy a car with cash.

The old one would have to do!

That saved us another $400 a month.

We said to ourselves, ” When our online business takes off, we’ll buy a new car with cash!”

We were determined to sacrifice a little now to gain a lot later!

We took that $1000 a month from the house and the car and used it to go to live events, hire coaching, and pay mentors.

That investment in high-quality coaching helped us triple our business in our second year and have our first 6-figure month in 2014.

Now?  All the sacrifices paid off!

We paid cash for our new car, and just bought the house of our dreams!

We made our business the priority, sacrificed, and invested in our future.  

Looking back, a few years later it’s scary to think where we would be if we had not found the money to grow our business.

Probably in the same place: paycheck-to-paycheck, 9-to-5, and no chance at anything more.

Where will you be in a few years?

What could you change to free up money for your online business?

Are you REALLY all in and investing like you could?

How can you do what it takes to invest in YOUR future?

We can help!

Click here, and post a business budget question in the forums!

We will help you with your budgets and make suggestions to free up the money you need to invest in your business!

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