Flipped Lifestyle™ Testimonials

"Shane & Jocelyn changed my life..."


On September 26th, 2013 Shane & Jocelyn left their jobs and Flipped Their Lives!  They have made their entire living online from home ever since, and have helped thousands do the same. Here are a few of their student's success stories...

Shane & Jocelyn helped Brook Castillo launch her $35,000,000 Online Business!


Peggy Easterling

"I just launched and already have my 2nd paying member, thanks to Flipped Lifestyle!"


Jennifer Bradley

"I joined Flipped Lifestyle and went from 0 to over $20,000 per month! I quit my job AND retired my husband!"


Jeanette Stein

"I tried and failed to make money online. Then I found Flipped Lifestyle. 3 months later I quit my job!"


Flipped Lifestyle helped Karim make $17,000 per month! 


Kenny Troiano

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me start a business about raising chickens! I make $60K per year as a chicken podcaster!"


Brooke Butcher

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me start my nursing website. Now I make more online than my husband makes as a lawyer!"


Rebecca Dekker

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me launch a 7-figure business, write a bestselling book, and impact thousands of families!"


Flipped Lifestyle helped Nikki make $47,000 in one promotion! 


Kathy Martin

"I was a school teacher.  Now I have over 500 monthly members in my online membership! I quit my job thanks to Flipped Lifestyle!"


Kevin Depew

"I love my hobby of playing guitar. Flipped Lifestyle helped me turn my hobby into a full-time online income! I have over 250 members!"


Sam Feeny

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me replace my income and become an online coach! I quit my job in 2021, and am a full time entrepreneur!"

Sam Feeny College Coaching

Jody joined Flipped Lifestyle, started a membership, and now has over 4,000 people paying her every month!


Theresa Perleberg

"I am a sheep farmer from North Dakota. I never thought I could make money online. Now I have over 400 members in my needle felting membership!"


Joe Martin

"My non-profit was struggling until I found Flipped Lifestyle. Now I have over 200 people paying us every month! We went from surviving to thriving!"


Rina Orellana

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me turn my love of dancing into an online dance course! I know have 400 members paying me every month!"



Shane & Jocelyn helped Evan launch his product, which made $10,000 in 24 hours! 

Ben Landers

"I wanted to make an impact in the education world. My six figure online business gives me the money to make that mission possible! Thanks S&J!"


Chris and Ivy Newport

"We started an online business around Ivy's art. It exploded to over 1000 paying customers every month! Now we live life on our terms!"


Jason Geiman

"If a blue collar guy like me can make money online, anyone can! My pressure washing website makes over $20K a month!  Flipped Lifestyle works!"


Flipped Lifestyle helped Cathleen get 700 members in 3 weeks!


Laura Kebart

"After binging The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, I joined the program, went through the Blueprint, and was able to quit my job!"


Eva Klein

"I discovered Flipped Lifestyle in an article on Forbes, and, after a coaching call with S&J, I had my first 5-figure month!"


Blair Thielemier

"After joining the Flipped Lifestyle Community, my online business began making over $30k/month!"


Kathy has over 500 members and quit her job thanks to Flipped Lifestyle! 


Terry Dunlap

"After talking to Shane & Jocelyn and implementing their ideas, I was able to grow my business and sell it to Microsolf for $20 million!"

Jeff Twiddy

"I did what Flipped Lifestyle teaches, and my business has grown into a million dollar business!"


Rebecca Smith

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me launch my coaching membership, and now I'm making over $20,000/month!"



Kevin quit his job and is making a full-time income online! 

Jennifer Trinidad

"I joined the Flipped Lifestyle Coaching program, applied what I learned to my business, and made my money back in the first week!"


Betsy Guerra

"I started my Life Coach Academy and made $30,000 at launch thanks to Flipped Lifestyle!"


Chad Allen

"Flipped Lifestyle helped me grow my membership to over 300 people, and I just had a $14k month!"


After coaching from Flipped Lifestyle, Daniel & Nicole are making 5-figures per month! 


Francine Ivey

"I just followed the Flipped Lifestyle Blueprint, and my coaching business took off!"


Rocio Baeza

"Thank you, Shane and Jocelyn, for what you guys are doing! You provided us hope, and it impacted the trajectory of our family."


Eric Wooten

"I followed Shane's advice and added 29 new members in one month! I've found my people."



Dale launched her membership, and it's growing quickly!