Earn Your Entire Living Online, Change Your Family's Future!

All you need is 100 people to pay you $50 per month to make $60,000 per year!  200 to make $120,000! It's possible when you start a membership site online! We've helped hundreds start, build, and launch memberships.

We can help you too!


Have you ever wanted to earn your entire living online?

Work where you want? Spend more time with family? Be your own boss? You can if you take action and start a membership site!

Hey y'all,

We are Shane & Jocelyn Sams, hosts of The Flipped Lifestyle™ Podcast, founders of The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community, and the creators of The Flipped Lifestyle™ Blueprint.™ 

Our program is a proven, community driven, step-by-step plan you can use to start a membership site business, earn a living online, and spend more time with your family!

Hundreds of real families from around the world have found success in the Flipped Lifestyle™ Community. You can too!

Most training programs require thousands of dollars up front to even walk in the door or join their tribe. 

Not The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community!

You can get instant access to our entire training library (dozens of online business courses), our entire community forums, and our members only live Q&As right now for one low monthly payment!

And don't worry: there's no long term commitment, you can cancel anytime!

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Flip Your Life!™

-Shane & Jocelyn

Who are Shane & Jocelyn Sams?

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"Shane & Jocelyn Helped Me Quit My Job Just A Few Months After I Joined!"

- Jeanette Stein, Flipped Lifestyle Community Member, HighSchoolMathTeachers.com

Shane & Jocelyn Sams are a real family from Kentucky making their entire living online with memberships!  Former school teachers, Shane & Jocelyn figured out how to start an online business from scratch, and make thousands of dollars every month by building membership sites! Now they help other people do the same!

After years of job losses, bad bosses, and trading time for dollars; Shane & Jocelyn decided to look for something different.  On a rare day off work, Shane discovered online business listening to a podcast.  After months of trial and error, Shane & Jocelyn were able to start a membership that would not only replace our income, but earn millions online! 

Now S&J lead a worldwide community of family-focused entrepreneurs determined to change their futures... forever!

Shane and Jocelyn's story has been featured in major publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Medium, Business Insider, The Smart Passive Income Podcast w/ Pat Flynn, Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas, and more!

After quitting their full time jobs in 2013, Shane and Jocelyn took full control of their lives thanks to their online membership business!  Now they work when they want, where they want, and spend their time traveling and enjoing their school age kids - Isaac and Anna Jo!

"Membership sites gave our family freedom and an income we never could have imagined.  It gave us total control over our lives - that's living The Flipped Lifestyle!" - Shane Sams

After Shane and Jocelyn quit their jobs, many of their friends asked them to teach them how to do it too.

Jocelyn's friend Lindsay asked Shane & Jocelyn how they changed their future.  Lindsay was frustrated with work, and wanted to quit her job to spend more time with her kids. 

Shane and Jocelyn showed Lindsay how to find an idea, create her product, and sell it to people on the internet.

Lindsay found success and made money from her online business!  She eventually made enough money to quit her job and stay home to fulfill her dream of homeschooling her children!

A few months later, Lindsay's husband J.T. stopped Shane, with tears in his eyes, and thanked him for helping J.T. and Lindsay's family create online income and change their future! That money helped them take a vacation they had been putting off for years, and was even paying for J.T.'s PHD!  He was now pursuing his dream too, all because Shane & Jocelyn taught them how to make money online with memberships!

On the way home that day, Shane & Jocelyn realized their system for earning a living on the Internet had not only changed their lives, but it had also changed Lindsay's family's lives too, and could change other people's lives as well!

That's when Shane & Jocelyn started The Flipped Lifestyle™ Podcast and opened The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community.

So other people, people just like you, could change their lives and their family's future too!

Since then, The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast has been downloaded millions of times, and thousands of people have joined The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community!

Shane & Jocelyn are helping people all over the world start membership sites.

They can help you too!

Shane & Jocelyn created a step-by-step plan called The Flipped Lifestyle™ Blueprint detailing exactly how to create online income with membership sites!

You can get full access to the entire Blueprint right now inside of The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community!

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What is The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community?

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"The Flipped Lifestyle Community is the most supportive group of people I've ever been around (online or off)!

Ashlyn Tengan, Flipped Lifestyle Community Member

The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community is a group of hundreds of people from all over the world, working together to build better futures for their families and each other!

When you become a member of the Flipped Lifestyle™ Community, you will join hundreds of like-minded people on a mission to find freedom and take control of their lives!

A true virtual mastermind, the Community is a place where you can ask questions, get help, meet other people, and take your next steps!

You'll receive huge benefits when you join The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community...

Benefits of Flipped Lifestyle™ Community Membership

"The Flipped Lifestyle Community gave me everything I needed to succeed online, and leave my 9 to 5!  Thank you  for everything Shane & Jocelyn!" - Brad Barrett, The Choose FI Podcast


Ask Questions. Get Answers!

Inside the Flipped Lifestyle™ Community we answer questions, discuss next steps, help you create action plans, hold each other accountable, and celebrate successes inside our active community coaching Forums!

You can ask questions any time of day, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our community coaching forums are extremely active, with thousands of searchable posts, comments, and replies!

In fact, the average question asked in the forums gets up to 5 replies!

You will get answers to your questions from:

  • Other members
  • The Flipped Lifestyle team
  • Modertors
  • Community leaders
  • And Shane & Jocelyn!

The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community coaching forums are an amazing place full of great people who want to help you achieve your goals!

You will never be alone on your online journey again!


Step-By-Step Training, Courses, & Resources!

We have all the training you need to start, build, and launch your online business inside The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community!

Membership includes access to The Flipped Lifestyle™ Blueprint... 

Your step-by-step course on starting, building, and launching your own membership online business!



This is the exact plan we followed to earn our entire living online, leave our teaching jobs, and build the life of our dreams!

We will show you exactly how we did it. 

You will learn how to:

  • Set & attain your goals
  • Get your spouse on board
  • Find customers
  • Create products
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Find Time & Money to invest in your business
  • Build stable, predictible income with memberships
  • How we build our websites
  • Manage social media
  • Create amazing content
  • Create courses
  • Write emails
  • Create basic autoresponders
  • Write sales pages
  • Price your products
  • Earn passive income
  • Handle customer service
  • Launch your business

And more!  

You don't have to find dozens of one off courses trying to piece together your plan.

We have all the training you need to start, build, and launch your membership online business!

PLUS: You will get our 12-pack mindset training INCLUDED when you sign up today!

ALSO: 2x LIVE Members Only Q&A Calls Every Month!

Each month we host LIVE Q&As for premium members of The Community!

We use these calls to celebrate success, answer questions, defeat fear, overcome obstacles, and help our members take their next steps!

Member calls are the perfect checkpoints to get inspired, hang out with like-minded people, and get your questions answered!


True Community, Mastermind & Networking Opportunities!

This is a true community full of amazing people!

The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community is a true community full of amazing people from around the world!

Many online business experts dump their customers into cold Facebook groups without any help or support and call it a tribe.

Not in The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community!

The members of this community truly care about each other, hang out with each other, and help each other succeed!

Many of our members form masterminds, create partnerships, and take advantage of opportunities to connect on a deeper level in online hangouts, training workshops and even live events!

You are not just buying a course. You are not just joining a group.  You are becoming a true member of a worldwide family of membership owners!

Real People Get Huge Results Inside The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community


We Teach You Everything About Memberships From A to Z!

When You Join Today You Will...

Find & Choose Your Idea

Learn how to research, vet, and choose an idea, create products, and (most importantly) find your perfect customers!  We have courses that can help you choose a niche.

Take Your Next Steps

We show you how to manage your time, find money to invest in your business, build your website, and more! Our training courses can help you get started ASAP.

Learn How to Create Content That Converts

From free posts, podcasts and videos, to paid products and membership sites; we show you exactly how to plan, batch and create content to make money online!

Find Followers and Audience

We show you how to find more visitors, customers, and followers using sales funnels, social media, and building your email list! We've helped hundreds of people find thousands of customers!

Learn to Earn a Consistent, Stable, Predictable Income Online

Learn our exclusive system for building sales funnels that convert! We show you how we guide our audience from discovery of our brand to the purchase of our products! We tell you everything we know!

Launch a Membership and Change Your Family's Future

We provide the basic building blocks you need to launch your product, grow your team, and scale your online business into a full time income!  You have to take action and make it happen!  What are you waiting for?

It's Your Time!

Our goal is to help you identify and use your God given talents and experiences to take control of your life, and change your family's future!

Are you ready to Flip Your Life™?
Let's get started!



What Happens When I Sign Up Today?

Your membership starts as soon as you sign up! You will get instant access to our courses, forums, and live members only events! There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel any monthly plan any time. :-)


  • When you sign up, you will be taken to a welcome page where you will learn how to log into the Community and get started!
  • We will show you exactly how to get the most out of Your Flipped Lifestyle™ Community Membership!
  • Then we will send you your username and password so you can log in!


  • When you log in, you will get instant access to the Flipped Lifestyle™ Blueprint!
  • That's instant access to  training videos, courses, how-to workbooks, and Q&A's that will help you start, build, and launch your membership!  
  • You can literally take your first steps toward freedom today in our action oriented training area.
  • No matter where you are in your journey, we have a resource for your next step!


  • You can jump into our community coaching forums to ask questions and meet other members.

  • You will instantly be a part of the Flip Your Life Family when you join!

  • We will connect you with hundreds of like-minded people from over 30 countries and every U.S. state once you become a member today!

  • You can even ask questions, comment, and join the discussion as soon as you join!


Thousands of real people have found success inside The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community.  Don't take our word for it, listen to these real stories from our members...


Jeanette Stein, Mom of 6, MI

"When I joined the Community, my business was making pennies.  Shane & Jocelyn helped change direction and grow my business.  I quit my job three months later! Now I work from home!"


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Evan Burse, Dad of 4, CA

"I tried for years to make money online. I built a YouTube channel, but never could earn a living with it. Shane & Jocelyn helped me launch my first course. With their help, I made $30,000 in the first month when I launched!  I quit my job a few months later!"


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Blair Green, Mom & CEO, AZ

""My online business was stuck.Then I joined the Flipped Lifestyle Community and talked to Shane. He helped me relaunch my membership. I now have over 100 people paying me $199 each month...over $20,000!  Flip your Life has changed my life and my family's future!"


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Jennifer Bradley, Mom of 3, MI

"Joining the Flipped Lifestyle Community and attending Flip Your Life LIVE changed our lives.  Shane & Jocelyn helped me add hundreds of customers to my membership.  I now have over 1000 people paying me each month!"


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Chris & Ivy Newport, Husband & Wife Team,OR

"After many sleepless nights finalizing and testing (it's been crazy), we finally launched 2 days ago. We went from 0 to 563 members in 48 hours!  The Flipped Lifestyle Blueprint works! Thank you Shane & Jocelyn for this amazing community and the strategies we've learned/implemented to make all of this a success! We flipped our lives!"


Your Turn! Click to Start...

We're Saving This Spot For You & Your Family!

We want you to be the next success story in The Flipped Lifestyle™ Community! Joining could change your family's future forever.  Don't wait, don't put this off, join today and start building a better tomorrow for you and your family!


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It's Time To Make A Decision...

You can keep living the status quo, or you can take action and do something to give your family a better future!  Imagine 200 people paying you $50 per month to make $120,000 per year.  Wouldn't that be amazing? It's possible. We can show you the path to get there when you join today!  No long-term contracts, cancel anytime! Let's Flip Your Life™...together!

I'm In! Let's do this! (Click Here)

Kat Jarman, Mom of 2, Australia

"I've stopped listening to anyone else but Shane & Jocelyn. Their stuff is just better, and this community is life changing! Just join. You'll see!"



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